We offer professional and Christian counseling for all ages for a variety of concerns. Our passion is to offer hope and healing to individuals and families. We offer a safe and comfortable environment, using numerous approaches to help with:

¨ Depression                                                ¨ Conduct Issues

¨ Anxiety/Panic                                             ¨ Social Skills deficits

¨ Attention deficit concerns                          ¨ Self-harm concerns

¨ Oppositional Defiant Disorder                   ¨ Past traumas and Grief/Loss 

¨ Family and partner dynamics                     ¨ Marriage Counseling

¨ Premarital and Dating                                ¨ Divorce Recovery

¨ Parenting Support



We are always working to develop new groups to meet the needs of our clients and families.  These groups will be offered throughout the year and can be a cost effective alternative to individual therapy. Please contact us about the specific costs and timelines associated. 

Grief and Loss: This group will begin in June and will be lead by two counselors who have many years of experience in walking alongside people who have experienced profound grief and loss. This group is offered throughout the year and the curriculum is based on the needs of the group members.

Social Skills: We offer age specific social skills groups that utilize games, one on one interactions, role playing,  and other evidenced based strategies to improve child and adolescent functioning in a non-threatening environment. 



We offer both Marriage/Relationship and Parenting seminars throughout the year. Please contact our offices for pricing and scheduling information. 


If you are interested in hosting our counselors at your local church for a parenting, marriage or other seminar, we would love to partner with you and discuss some options to best compliment your ministry and specific needs of the congregation. We offer seminars based on a flat rate and can tailor the seminars to your needs.